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Are you looking to have solar panels installed in your home in Wigan? Did you know you may be eligible for a government grant to help you with the cost of installation?
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Solar Panel Installers in Wigan

Installing solar panels in your home in Wigan is a great way for you to drastically reduce your energy bills, allowing you to use the power of the sun to generate your own green, clean, renewable energy.

There are grants available to help the least energy-efficient homes in Wigan reduce their energy bills. A solar PV system can help reduce your energy bills by up to 70% throughout the year, and coupled with battery storage, you can maximise the efficiency of your home’s electricity usage.

The government’s current ECO4 scheme has allocated £4billion towards the installation of solar panels & air source heat pumps throughout the United Kingdom.

The government is also leaving it to local councils to decide the eligibility criteria depending on the needs and specific circumstances of people in the area. This is a fantastic development since, previously, many people who needed ECO grants did not meet the criteria set out by the government.

What is notable about ECO4 is that the eligibility is not just limited to household income or people on benefits but can expand to accommodate the age and health of residents, number of people in the house, condition of the home, etc.

If you’re based in Wigan or have property in Wigan that you wish to install solar panels, then contact our team today to see if you’re eligible for a solar panel grant.

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

  1. Absorption of Light: Each solar cell in a solar panel is designed to absorb sunlight. The sunlight is made up of particles of light called photons.
  2. Creation of Electron-Hole Pairs: When these photons hit the solar cell, they can free electrons from the atoms in the cell. This process results in the creation of a pair, where you have a freely moving electron and a “hole” where the electron used to be.
  3. Flow of Electric Current: Solar cells have electric fields that drive these newly-freed electrons towards the front of the cell and the holes towards the back. This motion creates an electrical current.
  4. Collection of Current: Conductive metal plates on the sides of the cell collect the electrons and transfer them to wires, thus providing power in a usable form.
  5. Conversion to Usable Power: The electricity generated by solar panels is direct current (DC). However, most of our homes and appliances use alternating current (AC). Therefore, an inverter is used to convert the DC electricity produced by solar panels into AC electricity.