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Using our high-tech solar PV application, we’re able to take your address & postcode and calculate the potential savings you could make with solar panels, including estimated production & consumption, as well as ROI & how long it will take for you to overtake the cost of the solar PV system!

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How Much Could You Save With Solar?

The amount of money you could save with a Solar PV system depends on the size of the system you have installed, the position and orientation of your roof, your current electricity consumption & your current electricity tariff!


We’ve had customers who are saving over 75% on their electricity bills. The saving percentage changes depending on several factors; the best way for you to find out how much you could save is by contacting our team for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION quote for a Solar PV System.

What Is A Solar PV System?

A Solar PV System, or Solar Photovoltaic System, is a setup that uses sunlight to generate electricity for your home or business. Let me explain it in simple terms:

Imagine you have a special panel called a “solar panel” on your roof or in your yard. This solar panel is like a magic mirror that turns sunlight into electricity when it shines on it. This is possible thanks to tiny particles called “photons” in sunlight that hit the panel and create electricity in a process called “photovoltaic” (PV for short).

How A Solar PV Systems Works

  1. Solar Panels: You have multiple solar panels installed on your property. These panels are usually made of silicon and come in different shapes and sizes.

  2. Sunlight: When the sun is out, its rays hit the solar panels. It’s like a sunny day charging up your special solar mirror.

  3. Electricity Production: The solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. This electricity is in the form of direct current (DC) electricity, which is then sent to an inverter.

  4. Inverter: The inverter is another important part of the system. It turns the DC electricity from the panels into the kind of electricity your home uses, which is alternating current (AC) electricity.

  5. Powering Your Home: The AC electricity produced by the inverter can now be used to power your lights, appliances, and all the things that need electricity in your home or business.

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