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Boiler Replacement Grants

If you’re the recipient of one or more benefits, you may be eligible for a Free Boiler Replacement. Contact us now to start your application!

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Looking For A Free Boiler Replacement?
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Fill in our online form if you think you qualify for a free energy grant. 

Energy Survey

Our team will  arrange an energy survey to assess if you’re applicable.


Our team will undertake the installation of your energy-saving measures. 

Improved EPC

Your EPC rating will be improved, saving your money on your bills. 

Apply In 60 Seconds

Fill in our online form if you think you qualify for a free energy grant. 

Free Boiler Replacements Lancashire

Are you looking to see if you’re eligible for a free boiler replacement?

If you own or privately rent a property in Lancashire, South Cumbria or Greater Manchester and receive any form of benefit or income support, you may be eligible for a grant that pays for the installation of a new boiler within your property.

The expert team at Renew Energies Ltd will fit and install your new boiler. We are professional and courteous, and we specialise in boiler replacement & boiler replacement grants. With every job we do, we carry it out to the highest standards and leave no mess behind. We will arrange for the collection and disposal of your old boiler. A new boiler will help your EPC Rating.

Our team like to keep in contact with you post-installation. We ensure that a safety inspection is carried out after the work is complete. Our heating specialists are fully qualified to give you peace of mind that the job has been done to the highest of standards. Here at Renew Energies, we also offer other services; Air Source Heat Pumps, Cavity Wall Extraction and Insulation, External Wall Insulation, First Time Central Heating, Internal Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation, Room in Roof Insulation, Solar Panels, Underfloor Insulation, and Ventilation

All of the above services can help reduce your energy bills and your EPC rating. Alongside this, there is a government scheme to help with the payment of your energy bills. This is called the ECO4 Scheme. It is a government lead scheme that started in 2013 under the name ECO1 but in 2018 it was replaced with ECO4. To find out more click here.

If you feel you qualify for a FREE boiler grant, do not hesitate to get in touch to see if you are eligible. Submit our easy, 3-step application form, give us a call on 01253 759 900 or email

Who Can Qualify For Grants?

To find out if you are eligible for an ECO Energy Grant, you can enter your information to our application forms and one of our team will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Yourself or One User In Your Household Must Receive A Form of Benefits
Complete Our Eligibility Checker To Ensure That You Qualify For A Grant
To Qualify For A Grant You Must Own The Property Or Be A Private Tenant
For Over 60's

If you’re over 60 years old & receive working tax credits, you may be eligible for a FREE boiler installation through Renew Energies LTD.

Whether you are with or without pension credit, you may still qualify.

For Families

We aim to help as many families as possible, always wishing they have a warm home. 

If you or anyone in your property receives any benefits or income support, you may be eligible for a FREE grant for a new boiler.

EC04 Government Grants

If you can’t afford the lump sum in one hit, you may be entitled to use one of the various grant schemes to secure a boiler grant to subside a portion of the cost or potentially the full cost. For instance, one of the programmes available is the ‘Governments ECO Scheme’

So to qualify for the ECO Scheme, you must be in receipt of one of the benefits listed above. You must be a homeowner and your boiler has to be broken. If you fit this criteria, you will qualify for a FREE A-rated boiler grant. Giving you access to a no boiler for free or at a much-reduced price.

If you are a homeowner or rent from a private landlord and receive pension credit, you can apply for a boiler grant. If you do not yet receive pension credit, there is no need to worry, you may still qualify due to boiler grants are also available for the over the 60s or those who are also on Working Tax Credits.

Grants For A New Boiler

There are grants available for new boilers for those who meet the required criteria set out but the government in the EC04 scheme. These include people on specific benefits & boiler replacement scheme over 60s. We work throughout the North-West, South Cumbria, Merseyside, Greater Manchester & all of the surrounding areas. 

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